Church membership at Englewood is nothing more and nothing less than the affirmation of personal commitment and submission to Christ as Lord and to the particular expression of the Body of Christ at Englewood. Fellow members need to know first and foremost for who they are responsible, and to whom they are responsible, as disciples of Christ day to day. The Englewood Covenant Agreements describe the essential nature of this responsibility. Membership, whether pursued for a limited season of seeking, or for a lifetime, means joining the brothers and sisters at Englewood in active submission to, and participation in, the process of discerning God's wisdom in decision-making.

We believe a public declaration of this commitment and submission to Christ and one another is an important part of activating our mutual responsibility for one another. The ritual of baptism is our traditional/historical initial public proclamation of one's commitment and submission to Christ. Our mode of baptism is immersion in water by those old enough to make an important decision of this kind; however, those who seek membership from other traditions may be received with gratitude after a time of conversation and discernment with the elders and existing members.

Our membership process is purposefully flexible out of respect for the integrity of other traditions and in humility before God who alone judges the heart. Prior to seeking membership, we encourage interested candidates to spend significant time with members in their homes and getting to know us by attending services, meetings, discussions, events and work projects. Church membership is not about power and privileges; it is about identifying those who can be counted on to live with us in the spirit of self-denial, cross-bearing and following the way of Jesus in the community and in the world.

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