Maybe we're unusual, but we like to read and discuss books. Indeed, books and our conversations about them have played an important role in shaping our story. Below you will find information about our bookstore, publishing business and about some of the books that have been influential in our congregation.

Our Bookstore / Publishing Company

Doulos Christou Books is a part of ECDC and encompasses both our bookstore and publishing business (Doulos Christou Press).

Our bookstore sells books to our congregation, to friends, and over the internet. We recently have published the first edition of our catalog.

Our press, which was started in 2002, has published a number of pamphlets and one book: Water, Faith and Wood: Stories of the Early Church's Witness for Today, which was written by Chris Smith, a member of our community.

Recommended Reading

Here are some of our favorite books:

Support our Bookstore

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